Emissions Group incorporates the best of human technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud orchestration. Our goal is to keep your vehicle running, and keep you safe. The following are just some of the ways our Emissions Group technologies achieve this goal with every mile driven.

Safety. Emissions Group is 100% about safety. Our goal is that you never have to worry about your vehicle’s safety. Again. We look at multiple vectors to notify you immediately when there is any anomaly detected with your vehicle. Whether it is a knock in the engine, a funny noise when you start the engine, or a rattle when you make a turn. The Emissions Guard is constantly scanning your vehicle every moment it is in operation.

Clean listening. Emissions Group solves one of the biggest problems when deciding if a vehicle anomaly occurs, filtering noise. When listening to vehicle noises, signal processing is set to filter “normal noise” so that our artificial intelligence engine can cleanly listen for any disruption. This is one of the many technological features that differentiates Emissions Group. With algorithms to specifically filter good noise, any noise anomalies are instantly detected and alerted to you.

Learning ability. Every vehicle is constantly learning, listening and alerting to impending engine and vehicle safety issues. From tire noises, to engine noises, to mean time between failures (MTBF), the Emissions Guard is tirelessly learning about your vehicle to ensure you are never in danger and never stuck on the side of the road.

Ubiquity. Imagine your vehicle learning from millions of other vehicles on the road. That’s the power of the Emissions Guard. Vehicle safety profiles are updated checked constantly. Think of your anti-virus software. As new threats to your security and safety are learned, they are then shared among the entire anti-virus community for every machine. This is exactly how the Emissions Guard helps everyone become safer together.

These are just some of the features that have been demonstrated so far. And the amazing part is that we’re just getting started. As we continue to build up the Emissions Group team, and engage with innovative customers, our product capability will expand and our innovation will continue to safely push the boundaries of global technology. Innovation and entrepreneurship are a core part of our company DNA.