Leadership Team

David Dietrich


David Dietrich is a proven technologist with over 25 years of large transactional system development and management. In leading the push for solving real world problems, his efforts have been instrumental in building the railroad’s first coast-to-coast telecommunications system, the travel industry’s first SQL Server data based system, the nation’s largest green program, and one of the first supply chain risk management solutions. Today, leveraging his patent for next-generation wireless, David Dietrich’s vision is to transform global and large-scale vehicular device networks into a standard messaging protocol for converged vehicle communications. He sees the future once again; building a world of universally shared knowledge leading to ubiquitous safety for every vehicle.

Michael Lloyd


Michael Lloyd is a car guy. From his first day with a wrench, Michael lives and breathes vehicles. His vision of 100% safety is coming to fruition with the Emissions Guard vehicle black box. From building complex engine interfaces, to intra-vehicular communications, Michael is instrumental to the automotive industry initiative of 100% safety for every vehicle on planet Earth.