Emissions Group – About Us

Never worry about your vehicle safety again! That is what Emissions Group is about. Emissions Group is filling a major gap in vehicle safety – being able to notify companies and drivers of any problem with their vehicles.

Emissions Group has built the Emissions Guard. Emissions Guard is a vehicle black box device that listens to your engine, shocks and tires, and the overall vehicle. When any noise is detected that sounds irregular, the driver and/or the vehicle owner are notified. Emissions Guard continues to track the noise and further notifies the vehicle owner and driver as the potential safety issue is deemed to be getting closer to failure.

Our goal at Emissions Group is to ensure you know of every safety issue with your vehicle, BEFORE it becomes a safety issue. With the rise of autonomous vehicles, and new vehicle types such as all electric, hydrogen fuel-cell and hybrid vehicles, it’s more important than ever to have artificial intelligence on your side that notifies you of any potential safety issue with your vehicle.

Emissions Group is actively seeking strategic investors to bring us to scale and reach deep into the automotive industry.